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TA8441・TA8442 | C language motion controller

Tamagawa’s “TA8441/TA8442” series SV-NET controller - the mainstay for our SV-NET servo system control - and “Motion Designer” PC application together allow customers to build a motion control system best suited for their needs.


  (TA8441 Series)


Connectable up to 16 axes

SV-NET : 8 axes + EtherCAT : 8 axes
Corresponds to linear/circular/helical interpolation

Corresponds to EtherCAT master

Connectable up to 8 servo driver axes
Connectable up to 16 devices
Please contact us about connection confirmation devices

Corresponds to Modbus TCP master & slave

Master Mode is connectable to saves of a maximum of 8 devices
Connectable between controllers via master/slave

Corresponds to ModbusRTU master & slave

Connectable to nearly all touch panel makers

Corresponds to non-procedure transmission

Connectable to a lot of communication equipment through COM port

Equipped with FeRAM (TA8442 only)

Requires no power source for holding data

Model Designation



TA8441 Series

TA8441 Series

TA8442 Series

TA8442 Series

Integrated Development Environment 「Motiton Designer」

PC application ” Motion Designer “ Motion control can be easily programmed in C language
Motion control can be easily programmed in C language.

Comes with powerful debug function

Index display of each task currently executed
Break stop/step execution for each task
Variable quick watch function

Fully equipped with powerful editor

Automatic candidate display
Automatic indentation
Outline function,etc.

Satisfying control function to support startup

Digital oscilloscope (Servo information and variable information)
Task control, etc.

Provided with communication API for PC control

USB communication API
Ethernet communication API
Possible to control directly from user application by using API

Corresponds to double-precision floating point operation

Corresponds to NC code

Please contact us if you require it.

Motion Designer can be downloaded free from our website.

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