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Absolute Encoders(Magnetic Encoder)

  • Excellent environment resistance allows usage under harsh environment
  • High Resolution/High Speed Tracking
  • Pseudo absolute output is performed by detecting Z phase

Product list

Model No. TS569□N5
Series MSB0.8/MSB0.4
Resolution 24 bit Max. (Number of teeth×214)
Output Code Pure Binary
Supply Voltage DC+5
Consumption Current
100 mA Max
Output Form Line Driver
Maximun Allowable RotationMaximun Allowable Rotation
(Electrical Spec.)
Z:Number of teeth
(Excluding Cable)
0.08 kg Max
Operating Temp. Range -10 to +85 ℃
Protective Structure
Oil Resistant
Vibration (NOTE3) 5 to 50 Hz Total amplitude 1.5 mm
50 to 2,000 Hz 100 m/s2
Shock (NOTE4) 1,000 m/s2 11 ms

  • NOTE 1) Consumption Current: Specified value for an output circuit with no load.
  • NOTE 2) Regarding special specifications for the Protective Structure, please consult us.
  • NOTE 3) Vibration: Value which satisfies the conditions of 2 hours each for axes X, Y and Z, for a total of 6 hours.
  • NOTE 4) Shock: Value which satisfies the conditions of 3 times each for axes X, Y and Z, for a total of 18 times.

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