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Absolute Encoders(Single-Turn)

◆About Absolute encoder
Absolute encoders output the absolute value of rotation angles.The encoders are used for position control of servo motors mounted on machine tools or robots. As shown in Figure 2, rotation slits are lined from the center on concentric circles. Slits indicates binary code strings of 2 pulses/rev from the center.Multi-turn absolute encoders memorize the rotation quantity data over one rotation.

About Absolute encoder

Product list

Model No. TS5668N20 TS5710N40 TS5711N40
Series SI35
Outside Diameter Φ35mm
Shaft Diameter Φ6mm Φ6mm Φ8mm
Resolution 17bit/turn 23bit
Output Code Pure Binary
Supply Voltage DC+5
Consumption Current
110mA Max 125mA Typ
Output Form Line Driver
Starting Torque ---- ---- 5.9×10-3N⋅m Max
Moment of Inertia 0.24×10-6kg・m2 Typ 0.17×10-6kg・m2 Typ 1×10-6kg・m2 Typ
Maximun Allowable Rotational
(Mechanical Spec.)
Mounting Tolerances Radial 0.05mm TIR Max
Axial 0.05mm Max 0.1mm Max
0.1° Max
Mass 0.03kg Max
(Without Cable)
0.03kg Max 0.06kg Max
Operating Temp. Range -10~+85℃
Protective Structure
Not Enclosed
Vibration (NOTE3) 98m/s2 (10G)
Shock (NOTE4) 1,960m/s2 (200G)
  • NOTE 1) Consumption Current: Specified value for an output circuit with no load.
  • NOTE 2) Regarding special specifications for the Protective Structure, please consult us.
  • NOTE 3) Vibration: Value which satisfies the conditions of 2 hours each for axes X, Y and Z, for a total of 6 hours.
  • NOTE 4) Shock: Value which satisfies the conditions of 3 times each for axes X, Y and Z, for a total of 18 times.

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