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President's Message

The history of TAMAGAWA SEIKI CO., LTD. can be traced back to March 1938, when the company's founder, Hiroichi Hagimoto, established the company near the Tamagawa River in the south of Tokyo. In 1942, he set up the Iida plant in his hometown, Iida city of Nagano prefecture, to contribute to regional industrialization.

After World War II, we immediately started to develop, produce and sale instrument motors anticipating diverse needs of the age. The business was expanded to automatic control equipments and aerospace instruments with the motto "grow technology and sale technology". The technology is symbolized by our registered trademarks, "MOTORTRONICS", "SPACETRONICS", "Smartcoder" etc.

After the collapse of the Bubble Economy in 1991, Tamagawa Seiki resolved not to move its factories to overseas and to continue the domestic development and production. Besides we made the policy of being a privately-held company.

From the perspective of dispersion of risk, Hachinohe Tamagawa Co., Ltd. (present Hachinohe High-tech Co., Ltd.) was founded in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture as our base in the northeastern region of Japan in 1991. Head office was moved from Tokyo to Iida in 1994. Hachinohe Plant was opened in 1999.

The year of 2000 saw the opening of our Second Plant in Iida and all of our commercial use production was moved to there. After then, our conventional headquarters has been reorganized as "Headquarters and First Plant". The Spacetronics Research institute was founded in the First Plant which will be tasked with development and production of products for aviation and space-related industries, to which technologies of Gyroscopes or others are applied, including electric components for aircraft transferred from Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya Works. We are planning to develop and manufacture components for commercial aircraft of all over the world.

In the fall of 2005, the Third Plant was established in Matsukawa town, north of Iida City. The Third Plant along with the Second Plant is the specialized base for development of robot or car parts. The Motortronics Research Institute was created in the Second Plant and it produces world class products such as the angle sensor for hybrid vehicles (Singlsyn).

In the Hachinohe region, according to the expanding of Hachinohe Plant, new factories were opened; Fukuchi Factory (present First Fukuchi Factory) in 2006, Misawa Factory in 2008 and Second Fukuchi Factory in 2009.

Tamagawa Seiki continues research and development of three base technologies, the Synchro which detect the angle with high accuracy (2 dimensions), the Gyroscope which is necessary for three dimensional controls and the analog/digital convertor (Smartcoder). We have been working, since the foundation, to improve the accuracy of our angle sensors by just a factor of ten per decade.

We are determined to continually train the strength of product development and sales forces, to flexibly meet customer's requests by our product quality and performance and to grow up as a "Glocal (Global + Local ) Company" which can supply the only /number one products. Your continued patronage and support would be highly appreciated.

Hiroyuki Hagimoto C.E.O.

Hiroyuki Hagimoto C.E.O.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all your patronage and support you have kindly extended to us.

In retrospect, nearly 80 years ago, our company was founded with a purpose of relieving and enriching our community suffering from serious poverty by newly launching industry and presenting job opportunities to our local people. Our basic principles and philosophy established at the time of our foundation have been ceaselessly inherited up to the present day though we have experienced a lot of social and economic changes.

Because market economy has been globalized more and more, and conventional industry has been shifting to emerging nations, right steering and strategy are required for the maintenance and development of local industries which are facing the powerful tide of globalization. Since our foundation, we have set the technological development as the backbone of our business activities based on the principle, “Cultivate technologies and sell technologies”.

Our aircraft business which we have been engaged in since our company was established has grown to be a new future local industry, involving and unifying various types of local industries. In addition, our biochemical business which we have been recently working on is expected to become a promising new field. We aim to become a strong local company that can compete in global market, enhancing cooperation with our subsidiaries and our regional companies, and clarifying the division of roles played by them.

We are determined to strive to provide you with our quality products that satisfy your needs by untiringly improving our technologies, and unflinchingly challenging new technologies.

Your continued patronage and support would be highly appreciated.

Shigeo Seki President and Chief Oparating Officer

Shigeo Seki President