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Environment Policy

Based on corporate philosophy of “Striving to build an industry ready for the 21st century through creative business activities, contributing to the economic revitalization of communities”, as Tamagawa Seiki we make improving the environment a part of every step we take.

1. As a company blessed by the beautiful greens of nature that surround us, we fulfill compliance obligation to environmental laws and regulations by striving to prevent pollution, make a use of sustainable resource, extenuate the climate change and adapt to climate change, and protect biodiversity and eco-systems.

2. We establish environmental objectives for the below business activity, products, and services, and work for continual improvement in order to advance environmental performance.

  1. Approach to low carbon society
     Eco-friendly product lifecycle, energy saving
  2. Preservation of resources
     Waste reduction, resource saving
  3. Coexisting with nature
      Zero-environmental pollution, reduction of environmental load substance
  4. Responsible business activity
     Compliance to environmental laws and regulations, regional contribution

3. We demonstrate our responsibility to the community in collaborating with other companies and organizations to continuously engage in groundbreaking initiatives and contribute to the sustainable development of communities.

November 21, 2016
Shigeo Seki
President and Chief Oparating Officer,