Step Motor Servo System ( i-STEP MOTOR )

Cutting edge i-STEP MOTOR

Providing superior performance and smooth operation, when precise positioning control is needed.
i-STEP MOTOR (Motor & Driver) is a step motor servo system which controls step motors via a closed loop. Smoother high speed drive is realized by general-purpose pulse row drive.

i-STEP MOTOR モータ&ドライバ


  • High speed drives (Max.4000min-1) is possible at DC 24V.
  • Precise positioning is possible because there is no position deviation due to malfunction.
  • Stable stop and its retention is possible because there is no micro vibration at the time of stopping.
  • Operates without adjusting gain.
  • Easy to command by pulse row input.
  • Smoother high speed rotation is possible by dividing the resolution (from 200 to 25,600) into 8 steps.
  • Motors are available in RoHs compliat.

Motor Specifications

Size □28mm Model 11 □42mm Model 17 □56.4mm Model 23
Type number TS3699N112 TS3699N172 TS3699N231 TS3699N232
Rated current(A) 1.5 2.1 3.0 3.0
Holding torque (N・m) 0.108 0.393 0.46 0.9807
Static angle error
1.8±5% 1.8±5% 1.8±5% 1.8±5%
Rotor inertia
8×10-7 68×10-7 120×10-7 260×10-7
Mass(g) 200 370 520 770

Driver Specification

Type number AU9180
Encoder 200 C/T ABZ Line driver (Z:option)
Power supply input DC24V±10% 3A
Damp and temperature Operating temperature & humidity 0∼+40°C 90%RH max.(Free from condensation)
Storage temperature & humidity -20∼+60°C(Free from condensation)
Insulation strengh AC500V 60s
Insulation resistance 100MΩmin. at DC500V
Motor driving current




SW1 : Driving ampere



SW2 : current-down ampere
Set amperage by code-switch in accordance with the set NO.bellow
The rated setting of
Model 11 is NO.7
Model 17 is NO.A
Model 23 is NO.F
Factory setting at shipping is NO.7
Set No. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Current[A] 0.1 0.3 0.5 0.7 0.9 1.1 1.3 1.5
Set No. 8 9 A B C D E F
Current[A] 1.7 1.9 2.1 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.8 3.0
Positioning system Pulse row command input.
Positioning resolution
(one rotation)
Set by dip-switch as below (200at shipping)
Resolution 200 400 800 1,600 3,200 6,400 12,800 25,600
Input signal Positive rotation(CW)signal / pulse signal , Reverse rotation(CCW)signal/Direction signal , Drive , Alarm reset , ACD off , Counter reset , For further details , refer to table 2.
Output signal Completion, Alarm, Encoder, Excitation timing For further details, refer to table 3.
Alarm functions
Items Description CR13 12 11
Overvoltage Light when power supply voltage exceeds the rated value. ON    
Overcurrent Light when excess current is supplied to the motor.     ON
Deviation error Light when position deviation is excessive.   ON ON
Counter overflow Light when deviation counter overflows. ON ON ON
Overspeed Light when motor speed exceeds 4100min-1   ON  
Overheat Light when power elements are overheated. ON ON  
Sensor error Light when encoder signal input is cut off. ON   ON
Display When power supply is on : Green LED turns on. When driving is ON : Green LED turns on. Alam
Signal monitor Motor current 1A, 1B
Encoder signal A-phase, B-phase
Setting switch
SW1 : Driving ampere SW2 : Current-down ampere
SW3②③④ : Resolution SW3① : Command system
Mass 250g

Input signal

Signal names Functions
Input Positive rotation(CW) / pulse Photo-coupler ON:Moves one step in the forward(CW) direction.
Refer to Fig.1 Tw=1ms

2 pulse systems
(Positive, Reverse rotation)

1 pulse systems
(Pulse, Direction)

Photo-coupler ON:Moves one step in the direction of direction signal.
Reverse rotation(CCW) / direction Photo-coupler ON:Moves one step in the forward (CCW) direction.
Refer to Fig. 1 Tw=1ms
Photo-coupler ON : CCW direction
Photo-coupler OFF : CW direction
Drive Photo-coupler ON : Turn driving current on and sets the driver to ready mode.
Photo-coupler OFF : Turn driving current off.
Alarm reset Photo-coupler ON : Alarms are cleared. "Sensor error" and "Counter overflow" cannot be cleared with this input. To clear these errors, turn the counter reset input on or shut off power and turn it on again.
Refer to Fig.1 Tw=1ms
ACD off Photo-coupler ON : Turn Auto-Curret-Down function off.
Photo-coupler OFF : Motor driving current transfers to the setting value of the switch SW2 when positive or reverse rotation signals are not inputted for more than 0.25 seconds.
Counter reset Photo-coupler ON : Resets the deviation counter. Alarm Items are all cleared.
Refer to Fig.1 Tw=1ms

Standard ON current of photo-coupler : 16mA(Input Voltage : 5V)
Pulse row input : 300kHz max.

Output signal

Signal names Functions
Output Alarm Photo-coupler OFF : An error is detected.
Photo-coupler ON : In normal status.
output specifications
DC 30V 15mA max.
Completion Photo-coupler ON :
Outputs when operation is completed.
This output is valid when the motor speed is less than 500min-1
Encoder Encoder signal LEAD LAG Output IC
Excitation timing Excitation timing signal

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